Enchanting Nikko: a day trip from Tokyo

No other country except Japan makes me want to visit over and over again and with each visit, my affection and admiration just increase. On my last trip, I told myself that I have enough with Japan but after a few months later, I found myself missing Japan. Their highly-defined culture is something that attracts me the most and of course, the seemingly endless varieties in their cuisine – both staple and seasonal.

On my previous trip, we went to Nikko (Lots of precious memories on the trip with my dear) for a day trip out from Tokyo.

It was early Autumn time when we were there, so the leaves started turning red and Nikko looked really beautiful in different shades of colors – ranging from luscious green to yellow and bright red.

Shinkyo Bridge
Shinkyo bridge, the sacred bridge to the entrance into the Nikko shrines

Kanmangafuchi Abyss is a dream came true for me. I can’t remember how long was it ago that I watched a documentary on Japan and have been wanting to visit there. Thanks to Teddy to putting up with walking for a long distance in the windy rainy weather.

Nikko Kanmangafuchi Jizo
Kanmangafuchi Abyss and the stone jizo statues

Autumn Colors
Autumn Colors in the Gorge

Nikko Jizo Statue
Jizo Statue, Kanmangafuchi Abyss

Autumn Colors in the Tree
“Autumn Colors in the Gorge
Autumn colors and fallen leaves
Even the fallen leaves are so beautiful

If you are in Nikko, you definitely need to make a visit to Toshogu Shrine and Futarasan Shrine. There are many shrines in the area but we decided to skip them since there are too many of them to visit on a day trip.

Going through the pine trees, from one temple to another

Water to cleanse yourself - Honden Shrine
Water Fountain at Honden Shrine

Nikko Temple
Temple Box

Sacred Trees at Nikko Temple
Sacred Trees
Prayer Wall at the Temple
Entrance of Honden Shrine

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