Phuket: A Blue Sky Holiday

We were really busy after coming back from Bali trip and had little time (more than the mental energy) to plan for the Phuket trip. Anyway, our agenda was to have a relaxing trip to recharge ourselves and to enjoy the beach – which hardly requires planning. Rather than, writing in a chronological order, I will instead summarize what I think about my experience.

Internet Connectivity

When was the last time a telco gives out free sim card at airport? Like never. We saw a TrueMove booth at the airport giving out free sim card to the tourists and naturally of course, we picked up one. Later, we topped up 150 THB at a 7-eleven store for unlimited data package for 3 days. This is the cheapest deal I ever got when traveling.

Going around in Phuket

The taxi services (including Tuktuk) is regulated in Phuket and it was done to give advantage to the operators rather than to the tourists. I wouldn’t complain if it is done in a fair way but this is just squeezing out money from the travellers. There is a local bus system in town which costs just a small fraction of the money.

Where to Stay

Choose your location well. Since we want to have a quiet and relax time, we chose Karon beach area and it was quiet and beautiful. It is out of the busy buzzing areas, so we had to travel out from the secluded beach. It was a good choice for us because we get the whole beach by ourselves, devoid of travellers and locals who would approach you for sell things.

Sitting down by the beach listening the sound of the waves and watch the sun goes, it was just magical.

It was absolutely amazing place to do scuba diving. I was told that the marine life used to be a lot more abundant but still, the dive sites were amazing – teeming with diverse marine life. I was contemplating to take the island tour because I wanted to see the limestone formations that Phuket is famous for. As it turned out, i didn’t even had to because I get to see all these from dive ship going from one dive site to another. Of course, I would like to go on the beach but of course, the dive ship being the dive ship, it won’t stop there for us.

I can’t recall when was the last time that I visited a really beautiful beach. I have been wanting to visit the limestone islands of Phuket for ages. There was a coffee advertisement in Burma when I was a kid and it was filmed in Phuket. The advertisement was hugely popular and the interest to visit Phuket was exploded from that time onward. I am really glad that I was able to visit the place finally. It wasn’t a proper island hopping but instead, passing by the islands on my way to scuba diving sites. Still, I am glad to see even from far away.


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