Be in the moment

Travel Food for Thought

I have been thinking these days what did I really take away from my travels. There are always checklists on what to see, what to eat and photos on everything. We post photos from anywhere anytime to social media platforms.

This pattern repeats one trip after another. My hoard of photos gets larger, my list of unlocked achievements gets longer. Yet, the memories get dimmer. I can only recall them through the photos. Well, it is a good thing to have all these photos but the question is why? Why can’t I remember much about my trip?

Our memories fade over time but the emotions should be there. What happened to the joy and the marvel that we experienced when we saw that breathtaking scene? Did we try to pause and enjoy the scene? Or did we pull out our phones, cameras and starting snapping away? Or selfie sticks? More often than not, we take the photo, edit and then, post to the social media. (A lot of time we check how many people liked the posts). I admit that I do this – a lot. Do you?

What we have been missing is the pause. The pause to immerse ourselves and appreciate what we are seeing. Be in the moment. After all, we travel because we want to experience such moment. So, start enjoying and stop snapping photos straightaway. Photo time will come.

This will be my challenge for the next trip; make better travel memories that I can cherish.


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