Florence: Birthplace of Renaissance

Florence was once a major powerhouse of culture, economy and politics and known to be the birthplace of Renaissance in Italy. Well, enough about what you can read online but personally, Florence blew me away completely. I visited Florence on my maiden trip to Europe many years ago an it was as picturesque as a place could get; flowers blossoming everywhere in spring time, cobbled stoned streets around renaissance piazzas and everywhere you look, you can find artworks, statues and gelato stalls.

Our first stop was Duomo di Firenze at the heart of the old town in Florence. It was a magnificent sight.

Sideview of Duomo di Firenze, Florence Italy
Beautiful Italian Renaissance architecture at Duomo di Firenze
Fresco by Andrea di Bonaiuto at Duomo di Firenze, Florence Italy
Fresco paintings on the ceiling of the Duomo

We climbed to the top of the dome of the Duomo and also the Giotto’s Tower; and honestly, the view from Giotto’s tower is much better because we get to see the Duomo much better. Having said that, if we didn’t climb the duomo, we would have missed the chance to see the fresco closed up; so it wasn’t that bad climbing both.

View of Florence from the top of of Duomo di Firenze, Florence Italy
Florence – View of Florence from the dome of Duomo di Firenze
View of Duomo di Firenzi from Giotto's Tower, Florence Italy
Florence – View of Duomo di Firenze from Giotto’s Tower

Ponto Vecchio was on top of our list; a visit to Florence wouldn’t be completed with coming to Ponto Vecchio. It can get quite crowded on the bridge, especially in the evening time when the street on the bridge is all lit up; the shops selling their wares to the visitors.

View of the river from Ponte Vecchio, Florence Italy
Florence – View of the rive from Ponte Vecchio

On the next day, we took the bus from the city to go up to Fiesole where you can see the entire Florence from the hill on the other side of the river. The view was a perfect example of what you can expect in Florence of its renaissance architecture; and truly worthy of the city that is on the list of every traveler.

View of Florence from Fiesole, Florence Italy
Florence – View of Florence from Fiesole

A few years later, Assassin’s Creed II was released and I was really excited because all the gameplay videos mentioned about how realistic Florence: the streets and buildings are in the game; almost identical to what I could recall. I brought the game home as soon as it was available. From time to time, I play the game to relive Florence in its glorious renaissance days.


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