Visiting Myanmar

In less than a week, we are traveling to Myanmar! My excitement usually kick in after reaching to the travel destination; never had I been so excited before a trip, so this is something new for me. Maybe because it is my home country where I have no language barrier and it was easily decades when I last traveled around Myanmar.

I have a long list of places to see and a long list of food to eat. More importantly, I am looking forward to reconnect with my own culture and hopefully return home (Yes, I call Singapore my home) with little stories; not just photos or observations but something more meaningful.

I rather talk about itinerary but this will be an exception.

The plan is to fly in to Yangon, my home city where we will spending the first two days of our trip – mostly working our way through various food places, navigating through small alleys of morning markets and wandering around in the old colonial downtown. Yangon doesn’t offer much attractions to her visitors but the streets offers chaotic charm with a large variety of snacks, roadside bookshops and rundown teahouses. It is a city heavily influenced by British, thanks to their colonial rule; and also the influence from India and China – the two big neighbors.

When the second day is over, we will be taking the overnight bus to Mandalay to spend the next two days. I have been to most of the ancient cities and attractions around Mandalay but it was more than 20 years ago when I last went there. Hopefully, I will return to these places slightly wiser and more thoughtful. It is a city that I didn’t get to understand when I was a kid, so the food and the lifecycle is something that I am really looking forward to seeing.

Then, off we go to Bagan – the ancient capital of Bagan kingdom and the land of pagoda. If you are visiting Myanmar for the first time, you need to see this place. We arranged for the bus tickets and it includes door-to-door hotel transfer even, how convenient! Again, it was more than 2 decades when I last went there. As it was more or less tagging along my parents, there wasn’t really any freedom exploring the temples. So, now would be the first time that I get to explore the temples in my own pace. The list of the pagodas to visit can go on and on in this land.

We are flying back to Yangon to save some time and see the city once more. There are markets to see, food to eat, stories to uncover and odes to be heard. There are plenty of places to visit but sadly, this is the best that we can achieve with the given amount of days.

Yep, I will be visiting again as there are a lot more to see. Hopefully soon as the tracks are still unexplored and the experiences are still unwritten.


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