First Backpacking Trip!

My next destination – Morocco and I am flying off in a week time or so. Very unprepared which is rather uncharacteristic of me who likes to plan in details. For once, I decided to go with the flow – an air ticket and visa, I will go into Morocco and figure my way around for the next two weeks. I am excited and nervous at the same time.

Also, this is my first backpacking trip! I will be staying a hostel and mingling (hopefully) with all different folks that I came across. It is out of my comfort zone, to share a room with many strangers (the lack of privacy) and the lack of assurance in the form of travel plan – where to go, see or eat. So, I am very much looking forward to see how much I can adapt, go with the flow and figure things out on my own. I still reserve the comfort of having an internet connection (3G) of course – maybe one day, I can make do without it.

This will be a very enriching and liberating experience. I learnt to travel alone and it was a wonderful thing. But I feel that my journey is not completed yet because I have not stayed in a hostel or travel without a fixed plan and just be spontaneous. If I really manage to get this working, this opens up a whole new world for me – the opportunity (confidence, courage and will) to travel to a wider range of destinations or ways of travel.


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