Been and Back from Everest

I made it! I actually managed to trek to my destination – Everest Basecamp. It is a privilege to be able to set foot there and look up to the highest mountain in the world. In a certain way, I felt small and insignificant seeing Everest up close. The summit looks so near and yet far away (I can imagine why people would want to chase after the dream and to reach the summit) – I am happy and grateful just to make it to the base camp.

I started off this journey with a mission or a reason why I pursuing this – I returned back with no answer but I found a different meaning than the one that I am searching for. Life is like that – if you are seeking something, you won’t get it in the exact form that you want but you will get something unexpected. I am quite proud of myself, honestly speaking. Some would call this a bragging right but I look at this as something that would keep me focused and positive in my dark hours.

It took awhile for this to dawn upon on me but this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I just can’t explain or articulate why – but that’s the way it is. It was a difficult journey, not an easy walk in the park or like any normal sightseeing holiday but I cherished every step that I took, every slope that I walked up. I bonded well with the trekking group and we made wonderful memories together. It really was a privilege being able to do this trip.

I didn’t question for once why I was doing this trip or ever think of quitting half-way. I did, however, spent some nights in worry because I was anxious if I would be able to continue the next day, would I be fit enough – coping with mini panic attacks, trying my best to recover (and get some rest). Somehow I managed to push through to the end – to my relief. I have heard stories about how people couldn’t continue because of health issues, or some decided to quit because it gets too tough for them. I was scared I would run into a similar situation. That’s probably my only worry throughout this trip.

The trek wasn’t as scenic as Annapurna Circuit or any other famous trekking routes in the world – but highly popular because it is Everest Basecamp, a bucket list worthy trek for many travellers. It was a pretty intensive trek (started from 2800 meters all the way up to 5300 meters within 8 days of trekking) – so you go up high and quick, giving little time for your body to adjust to the altitude or weather condition.

I noticed that I am spacing out a lot as I had some difficulties adjusting back to my usual life after coming back from the trip – I had a perfect disconnect from everything including my phone (internet), life back home and more; this disconnect is making me question everything that I do, or contemplate about my attachments/worries/goals. For some reasons, a lot of things feel trivia or doesn’t feel important at all. It wasn’t a holiday blue but something else – more like difficulty in adjusting myself back to usual life.


5 thoughts on “Been and Back from Everest

  1. wow that’s awesome that you went to everest…it’s a physical and mental challenge so I don’t know if I am up for the task haha but good on ya! Must have been fun!


  2. What a great birthday trip! I would like to go there someday, but not sure if I’m up for the physical challenge – especially if one should train months in advance. I suppose it would be a bad idea to just buy a plane ticket there on a whim….or is it?



    1. If you are physically active (Sports for example, or even jogging), it is doable. If you have a good level of physical fitness means, you won’t struggle on the trek and get more out from the trek – you would enjoy more, or less prone to fall sick due to fatigue and weather conditions. So, it is not harmful to be fitter but as long as you have decent level of fitness, you will be good. (If you feel out of breath after 10 steps up the stairs, then you will need to get better)

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