Traveling is a Privilege

Over the recent months, I reflected a lot on what traveling means to me and some of my thoughts,

Traveling is a Privilege: Contrary to what some might say that everyone can travel, I like to believe that traveling is a privilege. Not so often that travel takes the top of the list of priorities in your life – commitment to your family or work, health issues that prevent you to stay on the road for a long period of time or having the extra disposable income to travel. So, being able to travel (almost as much as I want to), I take it as both a privilege and a blessing.

Traveling as Part of Life: It is difficult to summarize into a phrase but I like to see that traveling as part of life, driven by inspirations; sometimes spur of the moment, to decide where I want to visit next.

This though, makes me feel selfish because I get protective of how I travel; I stopped asking my friends to travel because it gets harder to align the schedule and not always easy to find travel companion out from my friends. My travels are inspiration-based, so my bucket list gets reshuffled every now and then.

I am a pretty good solo traveler if I may say so myself (it is a learning process I admit); being my own on the trip is wonderful. It gives me the alone time to disconnect, think and decompress – a privilege of being a solo traveler. Silence, I discover, is something you can actually hear; I find joy in the silence and being alone, so much so that I started rejected the idea of traveling with others. Being alone on the trip is a treat for me. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not anti-social. I mingle with other travelers that I came across on the road or the local people – I realized people tend to see solo travelers more approachable and sociable. Being a solo traveler has its own drawbacks but for the sake of this essay, I am ignoring the cautious voice inside my head.

Not to Repeat the Destinations: This is a tough one. Among the places that I have been to, there are some places that I really love, for example, Japan – I wouldn’t mind visiting there again and again. I can just go to the same places there and I will be happy just to be there again. But for the sake of traveling to new destinations, I am refraining myself from repeating the destinations that I have been to. There is this urge in me that I should see more places that I haven’t been to, to go experience new things that I haven’t been exposed to.

Then, there is this unsated thirst in me to travel to new destinations rather than repeating the old.; lots of opportunities, lots of possibilities. That’s part of what it means to be alive and free. Every now and then, you have to rethink about your bucket list, dust things off, let in fresh air, change the water in the flower vases.





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