Travel Bucket List

Every traveller would have a list of travel destinations that they want to visit. Not so often that we can accomplish what we have put on our list but it helps you to focus and prioritize. For me, I have two lists – one is for the near future, of places that I would like to visit and another list for my dream travel locations.

travel bucket list

So, what’s on my list?

Places that I would like to visit in near future

  • Myanmar: surprisingly Bagan, Myanmar is on my list. I visited Bagan many years ago with my parents, so I would like to go there again. Inle lake is another gem to visit but it is too touristy since the beginning of time.

Visited Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan in January 2016. It was a great trip seeing and reconnecting with my home country. We saw a very beautiful sunset in Bagan which probably was the best one I have ever seen.

  • Korea: the main reason to visit Korea is to eat. Autumn time seems like a pretty good time to see the changing of colors and appreciate the nature. Jeju island is definitely on the list for me.
  • Vietnam: again, the main reason to visit is to eat. Hanoi, Ha Long bay and Hoi An are on the list for a balance between food, historical and natural sights.

I visited Hanoi in September 2015 and it was probably the best trip of the year. It is a beautiful, chaotic city with really diverse food scene; I know the city is very popular among travelers yet it retained the local feel and spirit.

In Jan 2016, just 3 months after my first trip, I visited Vietnam again. This time was to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city), Hoi An and Hue. This trip made me fell in love with Vietnam even more. I know I will be visiting Vietnam again and the only question is when.

  • Cambodia: the remnants of Khmer empire: Angkor Wat and Prasat Preah Vihear, the sites that marveled me since childhood.

I finally achieved this in October 2015. Yes, Angkor Wat is impressive beyond words and imagination and there are so much to see in Angkor. I didn’t really like Siem Reap though; maybe Hanoi set my expectations too high and I am expecting too much. 

  • Indonesia: Borobudur, Prambanan and hiking Mt. Bromo
  • Philippines: the country famous for its beaches and Spanish colonial architecture remained elusive to me, perhaps one day we will get there.

Once in a lifetime travel journeys

  • Trans-Siberian railway journey: truly worthy of a journey of a lifetime and the title itself is enough said, starting from St. Petersburg and Moscow (Well, St. Petersburg is not exactly on the Trans-Siberian route but if you are in Russia, this is a must-visit.), going into Mongolia and ending in Beijing, China. A tale of hardship and romance!
  • Places of Inspiration behind Hayao Miyazaki movies: on his travels, he was inspired by certain places and they becomes part of his animation works. The list is long and hard to achieve but I will hopefully can see all these places with my own eyes too.
  • Istanbul, Turkey: there is no place that feel as charming and mysterious as Istanbul. The place where the east meets the west, the capital city of three empires, well, I can go on and on.

Finally, I managed to make a trip to Turkey in February 2015! I went out with a high expectation and didn’t get disappointed at all. It was the first trip for me to explore islamic arts and architecture, to which I am a total stranger. Maybe not in the near future but I would love to visit Istanbul again.

  • Northern Light and fjords: one of the best gifts from mother nature, I decided the first time that I saw a picture of northern light, I need to see this. Fjords as well, hard to explain but feels very otherworldly for me.
  • Bhutan: the happiest place on earth. It is also a country where religion permeate into the very fabric of the daily life, it would be more like a soul-searching trip for me.

Japan is on not the list, for it is my absolute favourite. Been there twice but I would visit again and again over the years. For me, Japan offers endless fascination – food, mannerism, culture, religion, well, pretty much everything.


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